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CEO Writes

After 18 years of supporting individuals in their job search, helping them achieve their career goals, assisting start-ups establish their presence, working with staffing firms of repute to increase their market share (GLOBALLY) I can boldly proclaim that truly successful staffing begins with a relationship-oriented, consultative approach with each company, client and candidate alike.

One of the factors which dictates the success of a staffing agency is a competent recruitment team. With a reliable, passionate and performing team at its disposal, the organization(s) would be able to develop unique and efficient business processes, enabling it to be transformational in its Industry

I believe that an organization(s) which invests wisely in identifying superior talent, building competent teams increases its operational maturity faster than its competitors. Sadly, this factor (Especially Start-Ups) is generally overlooked and appropriate talent is not identified/hired taking the cost perspective into consideration which is a bad move.

There is nothing called as ‘Cheap Talent’; “CHEAP” and “TALENT” are two different words and not even an Oxymoron.

One must understand that the growth of a Company is always determined by the talent who are hired – The idea to establish an agency specializing in fulfilling the ‘HR/Recruitment Talent’ needs of Organizations/Clients originated when the realization that the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ needs a personal agency to fill a void left by other temporary and permanent placement agencies dawned on me and the result was ‘BRAINWAVE OPTIGRATORS’, the highlight of this venture would be the experience of the team in this vertical across the global market.

So, to summarize, if you need help in building a high performing team, rope in new clients, tweak/develop your recruiting process(s), strategically help your company go to the next level or just set up a ‘Search Agency’ or train your FRESHERS,  email me or better still pick up the Phone and call me... I am little old fashioned that way...



Dr. Ross Marian

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