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It is one of the paradoxes of the ‘Staffing & Recruitment’ Industry (IT and Non-IT) that most of the time, the hardest roles to fill are internal recruitment roles i.e to hire/retain Individuals (Recruiters, Recruiting leads, Recruiting Managers ect..) who are responsible to find/identify competent employees for the Organization or its Clients.

‘Recruiting’ folks are an eclectic bunch, and that is one of the main reasons that they are so difficult to hire.

On The other hand, for companies who have hired/have their recruiting workforce in place, regardless of the excellent hiring practices adopted , to their dismay may realise that not all of their recruiters who have come aboard are ‘Rock Stars’ as they appeared to be for various reasons (This is not meant to be kicking all the scientific stuff down the Drain) however often ‘Recruiter(s)’ who are expected to be a roaring success don’t last as long as a packet of biscuits, and those that you expect to be a bit wet around the ears can turn out to be excellent hires.

A predicament indeed as not all of the recruitment/staffing pro’s hired (Any Level - Recruiters, Leads, Managers perform to their optimum levels or else it is a herculean task to hire them at all.

It is in trying to circumvent this situation that BRAINWAVE OPTIGRATORS – The experts in talent optimization and integration was born.

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