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Help Companies staff their HR/Recruiting Teams

Recruitment Training

Start-ups and Outsourced Staffing Agencies (Setting Up)

Operational Consulting

Help Companies staff their HR/Recruiting Teams

Often ‘Recruitment Pro’s and ‘HR Experts’ that you expect to be a roaring success don’t last as long as a packet of biscuits, and those that you expect to be a bit wet around the ears can turn out to be excellent hires.

Brainwave Optigrators has an extensive database of HR professionals across diversified Industries and it is in understanding the specific needs of the Client(s) and their Industry, we are able to match them with the exact recruitment expert(s).

In addition, our team of in-house recruiting professionals with decades of staffing experience under their belt (Google Certified, Social Media Hiring Experts ect…) have been provided with access to all the job boards across the Industry.

Understanding our Customer(s) needs, and Industry coupled with our systematic hiring approach and the intuition/gut feeling which comes from years of recruiting experience makes it possible for us to identify and successfully place competent resources.

Recruitment Training

Considering that the experienced Recruiter(S) pool is diminishing rapidly and an exhaustible resource, Companies have now resorted to hiring FRESHMEN from Colleges or Rookies.

Our cutting edge customized, and highly rated ‘Recruitment’ training programmes will help Freshers/Rookies scale to being efficient recruiters within a stipulated period of time.

In addition to training of FRESHERS/ROOKIES we also build and adopt custom-built training programs, customized work-shops for experienced staff (Recruiters, Leads, Managers ect..) which would help improve their recruitment capabilities.


A significant key to any great training program is to be able to use it again and again with every employee who needs it. Also, that training should lead to better outcomes for the organization, or it's worthless – This is the base on which our training programs are crafted.


Our training methodologies are geared towards supporting the learning and development of recruitment & HR professionals which will inadvertently improve their recruiting effectiveness and teach them how to make their company stand out in the talent marketplace.

Start-ups and Outsourced Staffing Agencies (Setting Up)

With a population of 1.27 billion people and a vibrant younger generation, India boasts of one of the biggest and brightest talent pool in the world. This talent pool of young aspirants has attracted many of the leading companies from around the world to start their operations in India, as well employ Indians at various roles in foreign countries.

The prospects for starting a recruitment agency in India is bright and growing, as more companies start their operations in India and more youngsters aspire for better employment prospects.

With years of experience in handling and delivering on complex staffing needs, our team has developed an in-depth expertise in virtually every industry possible and our main expertise lies in helping young Entrepreneurs set up their ‘Staffing Agency’ or Companies to have their ‘Outsourced Recruitment Arm’ in India.

Be it an Individual/Group or a Company wanting to set up operations in India to service the Indian audience (Companies, Candidates or an Individual/Company/Agency looking to venture into the business of recruiting Indian citizens for overseas employment, ‘Brainwave Optigrators’ can help set up your operations seamlessly either on a BOT or plain direct consulting model.

Operational Consulting

Just as you wouldn't want to wait until your car breaks down before you send it to the garage, you don't want to wait until your Company folds up owing to lack of Business or operational effectiveness before attempting to resolve problems at your Organization.

On one side of the spectrum, there are a number of Recruitment Agencies/Search Firms who are extremely successful and on the other side there are a number of staffing companies unable to sustain themselves even for a single year because of their inexperience and planning inadequacy, most important of all the lack of business continuity.

 It is in this regard, that ‘Brainwave Optigrators’ with its staff having over two decades of experience in the Global Recruitment arena covering a very large territory can step in to give your Firm a tune-up and ensure that it's running smoothly.

To work with ‘Brainwave Optigrators’ is to receive the expertise of people who are ready to examine your Firm access its competencies, fine-tune and if necessary, get the required Business to help you get the optimal performance from it by offering practical advice.

A partial list of services covered under operational consulting is as follows:

  • Analytics and Reporting.

  • Recruitment Process Re-Engineering.

  • Business Development Consulting.

  • Training.

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